3+ Gram Gold Jimmy's Secret Spot #1 Northern Arizona 2lb+ Bag
  • 3+ Gram Gold Jimmy's Secret Spot #1 Northern Arizona 2lb+ Bag

    3+Gram Gold Jimmy's Secret Spot #1 Northern Arizona. This is unsearched 2.0+LB bag of Paydirt from Jimmy's Secret Spot #1. This gold ranges from Nuggets, pickers, flakes, and flour gold. These are prepared in small artisanal batches using unsearched gold bearing Paydirt from Arizona. It is classified to .438- out in the field to avoid shipping you large rocks. Additionally, there is a minimum

    of 3+grams of gold added to guarantee a nice return! Because our Paydirt's are unsearched there will be organic matter and we recommend filtering that out with a strainer if you water gets to dirty.

    Future limited edition releases will follow from many different locations around Arizona.

    **We encourage everyone to process the material several times to make sure you get all the fine gold that naturally is found at this site.** This Location has HUGE AMOUNTS OF FLOUR GOLD!!!

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our product. U.S.A. No Gimmicks No Bonanza BS! Guaranteed Gold. Packages will be sent out via USPS and go out same day or next day typically. Paydirt will be dry and in a sealed Mylar bag. Payments can be made via Paypal.


    Vendetta Prospecting is a new reliable source of quality Paydirt with good ROI's from a local prospector in Arizona. Please message us with any questions. We can be found on YouTube as well.



    3+Gram Gold Jimmy's Secret Spot #1 Northern Arizona Edition Includes:


    Mud and Silt

    Organic matter

    Black sands

    River rock and sands

    Lots or natural Gold!


    Vendetta difficulty level: 8/10


    Contains AT LEAST 3 grams of gold