All of the paydirt Vendetta Prospecting offers is from local Arizona Gold Dirstricts which have a long history of Placer and Hard Rock Gold Mining. These dirts are all unsearched and may contain extra gold.

Will I get 2 grams of gold in a 1 gram guaranteed bag?

Consiering our paydirt is from tested gold bearing materials, it is possable to get a bit more then the "salted" amount we add to ensure the gold amounts. However, i would not expect huge nuggets or ever a large return from the dirt itself. I have had reports of people finding over .5 grams more than the purchaced amounts, but I would not expect that on a regular basis.

Can I add more gold to my bag?

YES YES YES!! We can add additional gold to any bag as well as customizations.

Is it really Free Shipping?

For most paydirt orders shipping is free, larger boxes of paydirt will have discounted shipping.