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Andy Hansis
Feb 14, 2022
My wife bought me a 2lb bag of Hassayampa River 1.0+ Gram paydirt and a bag of Pirates Booty Paydirt Gold, Gems, And Heavy Metals for Christmas. The Pirates booty was a fun bag to work and full of all kinds of goodies along with some nice size gold flakes in it. We had a blast classifying and picking through the big stuff finding all sorts of gems and even a copper channel round. We panned the bigger gold and stored the concentrates for later. Next we worked the Hassayamps bag. After panning down and removing the 3 nice little pickers I put all the concentrates from both bags in the Blue Bowl to get all of the little stuff and clean it all up. I was very happy with the paydirts and they made for a few hours of fun for my wife and I. There was some really fine flour gold in there that I would never have gotten with a pan! The Blue Bowl for the win on the cleanup!
Hassayampa River 1.0+ Gram and Pirates Booty content media
Andy Hansis
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